Teaching by the spirit

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Well today is my brother Spencer’s birthday. It’s kind of strange because it for him isn’t until tomorrow.

Today we actually didn’t get very much work done in our area because Elder Sangco had three baptismal interviews to do. One for Elder Mathews and Catubag and two for the sisters in our district. The interviews went well but I just sat there mostly and studied.

We did have a good follow up with Brother Winie Ramos. We read a bit of 3 Nephi 11 to help him fulfill his commitment. He read about 4 chapters from the beginning of the book but he hadn’t read the suggestions yet. The spirit was there while we were reading. I have to divulge a bit. I was actually a bit frustrated at Elder Sangco. I read an article today that talked about teaching by the spirit. I really have a testimony of teaching by the spirit but today especially I was frustrated because every time the sprit would start to get strong Elder Sangco would stop reading and start pulling other references out to “prove” the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I think that we should just read and then identify the spirit and let the spirit do the rest. We really need to just be tools and let the Lord use us in the way he thinks best. We need to let the spirit do its job and not try to take its place.

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