Splitting DBB 1 and 2

Sunday, August 7, 2005

This has been a long and interesting week. It was transfers and our area was split into two. Elder Baylon and his trainee are in DBB 1st and Elder Nemes and I are in DBB 2nd still. This is good because we’ll be able to focus but hard because the work isn’t all that strong in this ward. Hopefully we’ll be able to turn that around.

Dasmariñas Zone Before Transfers.  Back: DeLeon, Tamparia, Arnesen, , Tharp, Nemes, Malingin, Lewis, F. Albaytar, Olson, Sablay, Abao

Dasmariñas Zone Before Transfers.
Back: DeLeon, Tamparia, Arnesen,[I forgot] , Tharp, Nemes, Malingin, Lewis.
Front. Albaytar, Olson, Sablay, Abao

This has also been a strange week because somebody has been texting love messages to us. One night this week at about 1:30 in the middle of the night they started texting several times and then the next day they texted more and also missed called us a lot. We named the person “Siunka/Tukso 2.” We figured it is either one of two people. First, a girl in the sister’s area that I interviewed for baptism and who hugged me and has been really strange since; or it is Elder DeLeon, the Elder that just went home from here, who is just texting with a different number just to be annoying. Either way, it was annoying and disconcerting. It is hard enough as it is to keep emotions under control without having them invade the house via cell phone.

This week also, because the apartment changed from a two man to a four man, we had to purchase a lot of new things for the house i.e. desks, chairs, fans, etc. We’ve been really busy but it’s been good. Also the last few days it has rained a lot and been fairly cold. The only strange thing about it is that I seem to be the only one to feel it and I’m the only one from the states in the house and I’m used to the cold.

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