Singing at a lesson

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Today was another day a lot like yesterday. We had a good follow-up visit with Brother Relampagos this morning. He’s starting to realize that the message of the gospel is for him and that we really aren’t there to debate with him. We had a good talk and resolved some of his concerns about eating pork. We ended out discussion by singing “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer.” The spirit really touched him I think. We bore our testimonies again about Joseph Smith and the truthfulness of his mission. It was really good.

After lunch again all of our appointments fell through. We did get to give a good discussion to Juris and another lalaki[1]. We taught about tithing and fast offerings. She’s pretty accepting and actually prayed without reading it this time. I fell that she still needs work on that though. I’m not really sure about her testimony.

The last place we went tonight was really good. It was really close to the Mendoza family. We got to talk with some people that actually wanted to talk to us. It was a nice change from always having to chase people down like we have to do in Crame. Hopefully we’ll have some good success there in the next few days. We really are working hard and it’s really had when people just drop their appointments.

[1] Lalaki = boy or male

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