Setting Apart (18 May 2004)

I think that I can relate in some small way to the apostles and prophets when they are called. I was set apart as a missionary tonight and I can relate to the feelings of inadequacy that they feel. Before I went in, Grandpa told me that for these two years I have the same calling and duty as an apostle has, to be a special witness of Jesus Christ. Before also I felt that perhaps afterward I wouldn’t feel any different but I do feel different. Before I couldn’t really imagine myself but as I was being set apart I could really see myself working in the Philippines. I think I finally am ready to do this thing. It’s beginning to set in hard this will be but I finally feel that I am ready. When I got home, Dad gave me a father’s blessing and after that I couldn’t even talk. I felt like I did after and while I was receiving my patriarchal blessing. I am so happy but also sober and almost sad at the same time.

Some of the things that President Atkinson said in the blessing are that I would have a vision of my calling as part of the greatest generation of missionaries in the history of the world. Also that I would have a vision of my calling as an emissary of the Lord. He also said that I would have good health and would come home healthy, also that my family would be okay while I am gone. Also that I would feel the spirit and follow everything that the spirit directs me to do. I would love the scriptures and go to the scriptures several times a day and would find strength for myself and also for the people in it. He also said that I would have a great love for the people and for my companions. One of the most memorable things was that he bestowed on me the gift of tongues. This was especially neat because of what my Patriarchal Blessing says about this. He also blessed me that I would know what other people needed and how I could help them. Also he blessed me with everything else that they hadn’t thought of and that I would realize the thoughts that were in the deepest recesses of my heart.

After my blessing, he gave me some other counsel that I should serve my mission for two years, not two years and a day. That I shouldn’t let anyone waste my time. I hope that I can fulfill my mission as well as I would like and also as the Lord would have me.

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