Planning with Pres. Isla

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

We had a really busy and crazy day today. This morning we went in to San Jose for district meeting. Elder Baylon taught an attributes lesson about virtue and a skills lesson about working with members. Elder Baylon is a great missionary and I admire him a lot. We also talked to Elder Fa’oa about the Bible week and he said that we should go ahead with plans for how to do it and he’d check with Pres. Beck to see if it is okay to participate. It should turn out to be really good for the church. After finishing out things in San Jose, we dropped our groceries at the house and then went out and visited Pres. Isla to coordinate what we are going to do. Pres. is really excited to help and to participate. He even told us that he’d love to give a prayer at the closing ceremonies. We’re working now on trying to get a banner for the church that says we’re participating. Also Elder Cox and I are going to help with a Bible display and with daily prayer and scripture reading in the schools next week. I’m really excited about this experience and opportunity.

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