My first OYM (Open Your Mouth)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I’ve officially been here for three weeks now. It sometimes feels like it’s been an eternity. I’ve been sick again today with a high temperature. I hate this sickness thing. It’s really hard to work and I can’t be very effective. I really want to overcome it so that I can go to work with full heart.

One good thing that did happen today was that I had my first personal OYM. I talked with a man on the jeepney coming back to our apartment. I talked with him about his job etc and then invited him to church. It felt great. I didn’t understand all of what he said but he understood me and was surprised that I’d only been here three weeks. I was really happy after that.

Downtown Manila waiting for a bus back to Greenhills

Downtown Manila waiting for a bus back to Greenhills

Tonight in our work we visited Judy and had a good talk with her. I’m really impressed at how strong she is. She fed us dinner and I ate a lot. This was a problem because when we went to visit Maple she fed us too. I was really really full. We ate piranha. It was very good tasting.

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