Maybe I’ll learn patience from this storm

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I wrote a two page letter to my parents today. They say that they’re really excited to send my package for Christmas and that it’s really big. I hope that they don’t’ send just a bunch of worthless stuff. For district meeting we didn’t have air-con because the power is still off. The apartment in San Jose has power because it’s right next to the Vice Governor or something. Elder Cox taught a lesson about love today for his attributes lesson. It was really good. This is one area that I’m really weak in. I get upset far too easily with people. I need to be much more loving toward all the people here. I get frustrated with them and complain about things way too much. Hopefully this brown-out will teach me patience and also teach me how to value my blessings.

We tried to go up and teach the Manzos a second lesson today but they were still out working so we just taught sister about prophets and the importance of studying the words of modern-day prophets. We also got to teach Bro Fernando a lesson today about prayer. He thought that it had to be memorized and so he couldn’t do it with his eyes being bad and all. We had a good lesson and he actually ended up giving the closing prayer. He also told us that Bro Burley did come last night and they read from the Book of Mormon.

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