Introducing “Preach My Gospel”

Friday, October 15, 2004

Today was another good day. This morning for my studying I worked on the new “Preach my Gospel” program. It really is a lot different from the old way and I’m not sure how to work some of the commitments in there. I have to keep on working on it.

Preach my Gospel

Preach my Gospel: We were really excited to get this new book. We spent extra time studying it and getting trained on how this would change our missionary work.

For service today we helped some people dry out their rice. They take the rice that still has the shells on it and they dump it all out on the road. Then they take a bamboo with a board on the end of it and they spread it all around. They literally have it all over the streets. Everywhere we go it’s on the street. They let it sit out from early morning until about 1:00 in the afternoon and then they bag it up again to take and sell. We thought that they mixed it constantly but it turns out that they only stir it every 1 hour. It was interesting. We also, today, went up a bit into the “mountains.” We have an investigator who lives up there but we didn’t get to teach him because he was just coming back from gapasing, (cutting rice) and was sort of tired. We did get to share a short message with the Andales family. We took Edward, one of our inactives, with us. I guess he got offended by a missionary and hasn’t come to church for a while. He’s really good at English and is really nice. I’m not yet sure why he doesn’t come to church.

Bagging rice off the road

Rice spread out on the road to dry.


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