Finding and Power Naps

Thursday, September 16, 2004

This morning we left at 8:30 to go and follow-up with the sisters. We usually do follow-ups at the MIR but it’s really far away and so we just had them at the sister’s chapel. They are doing fine but both wanted blessings. Sister R. because she has heart problems and always has to go to St. Jude’s Hospital for checkups etc. and Sister A.because she just wanted a blessing of comfort. The sisters are really nice and really work hard in spite of all the troubles that they have. They even gave us soup and buko[1] salad today after follow-ups.

After we were done with the follow-ups we tried to find the five families that we are working with for the San Juan ward. We found all but one of theme so that was good. People here go inactive so easily. They will get offended at the smallest problem or word that they don’t like. I don’t understand it.

We took our lunch break at about 12:30 and ate these spam/lunch meat and egg sandwiches. They were okay but not the greatest thing in the world. After we ate, I tried to study but I kept falling asleep. Elder Tipton and I decided we’d take a power nap but we ended up sleeping until about 2:00 when we were supposed to leave.

This afternoon again all of our schedules fell through. We ended up just trying a brother that we had talked to the other day. He was actually there and we got to teach him a really good first discussion. He’s interested and said that he has a lot of questions but that he’ll try the Book of Mormon first. He also has a family that we hope to teach later on. We’ve really been having trouble getting discussions this week and I’m not really sure why. We’re really working hard still and I have faith that the Lord will bless us through our trials.

[1] Buko = coconut. Buko salad is a sweet salad made with fresh coconut meat and juice with some added sweets (fruits and sometimes breads).

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