Conference and some good lessons

Sunday, October 10, 2004

We got to go again this morning to the Sta Cruz chapel to watch conference. It was really good as always. They seemed to mention the Philippines a lot but I’m not sure if that’s really right or if I was just listening for it. I love the conference. The spirit is always so strong and I always learn so much. Bro R. C. came with us again as well as Sis Judy. R. is a really cool guy! He’s so friendly and really gets along well with everybody. It’s like he’s already been raised in the church but just hasn’t been baptized yet. I really have high hopes for him if he follows through with his commitments and is baptized.

Tonight after conference we worked with Sis Tess, Sis “Shy” and Sis Emylyn, and others. We had an interesting first discussion. The brother seemed like he wanted the Book of Mormon but he wouldn’t let us set a time to come back and follow up with him. It was strange. He also was convinced for some reason that we were going to ask him to pay us for the Book of Mormon.

Tonight we also had a good talk with Bro A. about the law of Chastity. We’re still a little bit confused about what the problem is because we also talked with N. there and it didn’t even faze her. I know that he has a problem but we can’t figure out what it is. He said that he’d stop the problem and umiwas until his baptism.

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