Cleaning the apartment and dealing with some dalagas

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Today was P-day again. I got to clean up the apartment a little bit this morning to prepare for Pres. and Sis. Beck’s visit on Sunday. It looks fairly good now. We also had to go into San Jose again because Elder Cox is leaving tomorrow morning for district leader training. My companion now for these few days is Elder Pradilla. He’s from Negros and is really a great Elder. We got a good four hours-worth of work in today and I felt that it went okay. We got some good finding but didn’t get to teach any discussions. It’s a bit intense being in charge of the area and I’m not exactly sure if I like it very much. It’s really nice, however, to have a Filipino for a companion again—at least for a while. Hopefully my Tagalog will jump back up to par after these few days again with a Filipino.

We had a weird thing happen tonight. After we had finished our stats and were eating, a bunch of young women/girls came and sang outside of our gate. I’m not sure exactly what they were singing, but I didn’t want them staring at me. It’s really hard being a white, young, male here. All of the girls look at me and see a huge dollar sign! $ Sometimes I wish that I was just ugly so that no one would want to stare at me. As it is, every dalaga[1] in Calintaan stares at Elder Cox and I every time we go past.

[1] Dalaga: young single woman

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