Building a lattice and being discouraged

Friday, October 29, 2004

Today was another discouraging day. This morning we helped Bro. Pulido work on building a lattice for some bean-like plants. It wasn’t really hard but it was kind of hot. We ate a good fruit afterwards. It was like an orange but you just open it , each section, and eat the juice packets. It was really good.

These are the lattices we made with Bro Pulido.

These are the lattices we made with Bro Pulido.

After lunch we went out to Conselew to try to visit some part member families. They were all either not there or they hid from us. I don’t understand people here. They just seem to have no care for their salvation. I just feel so worthless sometimes out here. We go all over the place but we never get any quality work done. I’m honestly at a loss of what to do to help this area. I don’t have any ideas. I could just go out and OYM all day but we rarely get any good finding from that. Another problem is that we aren’t allowed to go finding any further than a 5 peso ride from the church. This isn’t really a problem except that every person in that radius has already been taught once or more. They don’t care at all for the greatest possession in the world which is the message of the restoration.

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