A Normal Day

Saturday, August 7, 2004

Today was the first “normal” day that I’ve had all week. We’ve had to leave early for everything every day this week so it was nice to not have to leave early. Today was also the first day this week that I’ve really been able to study and work on my certification. I finished up my study on the apostasy and started the “restoration.” Kind of a huge topic if you ask me but that’s the principle.

Nightly Planning and sweat session.

Nightly Planning and sweat session.

The work today was hard because none of our appointments worked out so we ended up walking around a lot. We tried to follow up on a referral that came from Salt Lake but the sister wasn’t there. She lives over in Pasedina so we ended up going and talking to Nanay Josey for a long time. We actually got into the gospel with here which made me feel a lot better about the work.

Tonight we had a really interesting discussion with a brother. It jumped all over but it was good and naramdaman ko ang Esperitu Santo[1].


[1] Naramdaman ko ang Esperitu Santo: I felt the spirit.

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