A fortuitous bus ride

Saturday, May 7, 2005

I just have a little that I want to write today. We went to Silang today for me to do a baptismal interview. We finished there around 6:00 and started to wait for a bus to go to Alfonso. Well, one bus went by and didn’t even stop even though we waved it down. Luckily, the next bus wasn’t very long in coming and we barely were able to ride. I got on and sat down next to a young man. There were three of us on the seat and so I was hanging half way off the seat into the aisle. I asked the young man next to me where he was going because I wanted to know how long it was going to be before I would be able to slide over. I didn’t intend to talk to him, but he started to talk to me and we started to have a conversation. Once I told him about the church a little bit, he had a lot of questions, he started talking about how there probably isn’t one “true church” but that all you have to do is believe or feel good. He then asked me if I believed that this church really was the true church. I told him that not only did I believe that this is the true church but that I know it is true by the spirit of God. I got to explain to him a bit about the Book of Mormon and other things. He told me later on that he was really surprised that I could say I knew it was right. He asks a lot of other religions, Inglecia[1], Dating Daan[2], Sabadista[3],.. etc about religion and none of them can say that about their church. I’m so grateful that I do know that for a fact. That knowledge is truly a great blessing.

Me standing in the rain forest

Me standing in the rain forest


[1] Inglecia: Inglecia ni Cristo

[2] Dating Daan : The Old Way

[3] Sabadista: 7th Day Adventist

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